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My fashion collection website will combine three projects and show the styles and materials in detail. And It also allows users to buy the clothing. In this website , I used html , php, CSS, JavaScript to create the website.

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Project 1 - After Birth

Pink is a powerful color, as it protects people their whole life. My inspiration is from afterbirth. “Birthday suit” does not here mean naked. Rather, it means the first human clothes - after birth. The afterbirth wrapped and protected everyone before we were born.

Pink is the color of life, accompanying us throughout our whole life. It shows itself in birth, aging, disease and death. When we are experiencing aging and diseases, our cells are also suffering. As we age, pink loses its brightness. As a consequence, clothes that look like mothers’ wombs , in color and form, are inspired by the first warmest protection.
Project 2 - The Metamorphosis

My second design collection was inspired by The Metamorphosis by Kafka. The story is a symbol for how people can lose their essence – what makes them truly them –when living in a society that demands heavy workloads and conformity.

In my designs, this comes through in the sections of clothing that appear like mutations, where new forms, like the part of an insect that emerge during the shedding of skin, erupt from the well–fitted pieces I have created. These mutations represent a human losing their human nature. The pieces symbolize a human going through metamorphosis.
Project 3 - Cow tunnels

The third collection was inspired by a little- known story of cow tunnels.  In the late 19th early 20th centuries, the cattle industry moved live cows from from New Jersey to New York through underground tunnels. There are secrets of Cow tunnel in Chelsea, New York. Chelsea is a neighborhood in the western part of Manhattan in New York City. It is famous for arts and history and cow tunnels were was used to supply fresh meat to New York.

The tunnels evoke danger, cruelty and human desire. Cows were slaughtered, and their flesh and skin were torn apart in the underground for meat for human consumption. Thus, I wanted to let people know what was happening in the cow tunnel and convey an experience of this into my design collection.


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